Hey there, we’re Shiwi, but you might also know us as The Sunshine Brand. Being Dutch, it often takes a little imagination to enjoy the sun, so we like to create little pieces of sunshine ourselves. Even during cloudy days. Because Sunshine is more than just a weather prediction. It’s a state of mind.

Shiwi is everything you need in a life full of optimism. We celebrate brighter days with cheerful swim- and leisurewear highlighted by vibrant colours and signature prints. We believe in the sparkling energy of the sun. It’s how we find inspiration, seek surprising designs and create joyful looks. For little ones, bigger ones, everyones.

Step into the world of Shiwi where the colours excite you, the fabrics comfort you, and the fits make you feel like you can do anything. 

So, look around. The sun’s up. Especially when wearing a Shiwi piece. 

With light, 

Shiwi, The Sunshine Brand

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